TWINS. A ‘dragon’ + A ‘phoenix’ = Perfect! ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

I have known PT since long long time ago.
I was there to share her dreams of having own babies.
I was there when she successfully got pregnant.
I was there when she told me it would be a pair of TWINS.
I was there to greet the TWINS when they first came to this world.

And now, I need to be there to capture their beautiful sweet moments!
After all, PT has been asking me to do that for long long time too. And time just flies, they are going to be 2 and they are starting to run now!
I should not wait any longer to get their mom’s some great photos!

It is not too common in Malaysia to get twins. Thus, I do not have too many chances to photograph twins.
But this time I have 1 boy and 1 girl = 1 dragon and 1 phoenix. And that is what we called ‘PERFECT’!
Congratulations again, PT! You are a lucky mom!

The ‘dragon’ that I mentioned. A soft and gentle one. So adorable that you feel like hugging and kissing him all the time. And I just did that all the time I see him! 🙂


The ‘phoenix’. Also a soft and gentle one. She loves to be hugged and kissed all the time too! And of coz I will not miss any chance to do that when I see her. 🙂


Oh… he told me that he wants to be a ‘pilot’ in future. So I tell him not to read in the dark, to make sure no ‘spectacles’ in future….hahaha….:-P


A tiny little phoenix. She went to hide when I was trying to ‘catch’ her for a kiss! haha….. but she did not know that I can find her easily! hahaha….:-)


Oh oh….haha….love this photo….so serious of the face expressions when mom said…….*pls refer to the photo for what mom has said…


If you were to notice, I do not have many photos of the ‘dragon’ and the ‘phoenix’ in one same pic, as it was not easy to get them sit together, stand together or walk together. They will just run in their own ways. haha…

It is really not easy to raise 2 babies at one time. It is always a ‘double’ for everything… and of coz, double happiness and joy too!
Thumbs up to PT! You are doing a great job as a mom of a pair of great TWINS!

opeekaboo - 🙂 We need to hire another photographer to shoot our photos then! haha…..

It is my pleasure to help you to keep sweet memories in life. And that is how we keep going in life. Always treasure our loved ones.
I do thank God for knowing you in life. 🙂

poay tin - Sincerely tell u, these photos r the pics which i feel most satisfied since they r born.

Dunno whether u still remember, u r the one who snap their 1st photo in the hospital, also in the confinement centre using my 1st camera u bought to me.

I will never forget those times with u….from our school time, our single and failed in loves time together, and now we both hv our loving ones(kids). Also the phrase u gv me :”life is bitter but blended with sweet memories”.

Today, i just wanna say thanks to God for giving u to me as one of the vip in my life.

Only one thing to tell u here, do u realise there is one important thing we not yet done since we met? i.e. we never hv the photo for two of us!!!!!!!!!!!

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