Sunshine Photo Contest – Mother’s day Mums-to-Be Photo Contest. ~ by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Maternity Photographer ~

A happiness that we wish to share with all! A piece of great news to O-Peekaboo in such a lovely May. 🙂

The day when I got this advertisement forwarded by my best friend, who has always been very supportive towards my photography work, and obviously, she wanted me to take part and perhaps she thought that I could win (?) 😛 I looked at the photos in the advertisement…and said to myself…those are beautiful modern maternity photos which I have always loved to capture for all moms-to-be!

But……I had just done one ‘official’ maternity photo session so far….(sadly…din’t  know why isn’t there much opportunities for me… perhaps my photography work has not gone too far to be known by many, or may be of my bad marketing skill!?! where I just share my work and stories here from time to time in a small small blog? 😛 haha….but I think God has arranged things nicely for me to pursue in life…I believe in that….and I knew as long as I keep going, I will reach where I supposed to be….:-P That is also what we called ‘PERSISTENCE’, right? “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”. haha…and thus I do not stop ‘blogging’ too! No matter how busy I am or how lazy I could be….:-P

Oh my….I can really talk! haha….and that is not what I am here for…
I am here to share my happiness with all!

We won the Photo Contest!!! FIRST PRIZE!!!

Yes, this is the maternity photo that we submitted! (‘We’ here refers to ‘my client and I’ but I guess it is more like ‘my friend and I’, as all clients are friends to me and perhaps all friends can be clients someday…:-P haha…)

What do you think about this photo?

When I first posted up/shared this photo in my blog/FB….I think many of my friends around me were ‘shocked’.. or ‘amazed’ I should describe? Many thought that this was kinda…. ‘daring’? ‘too sexy’? and I remembered, one friend who didn’t know that I was the photographer ‘behind the scene’ for O-Peekaboo, somehow asked me what do I think that why people nowadays would want to capture this kind of maternity photos. haha….in fact, I was not too surprised to know that there are still many people who do not like maternity photos (esp those that show ‘tummy’ :-P) but…. it is impossible for you to please everyone on earth, right?? haha…. and I believe that there are still people out there who think differently and would love to keep all their sweet memories for memory in future , including the moments when they have a little ‘life’ in them….:-) And of coz I do believe that there are also people who love my ‘art piece’ that I create for them~! And no matter what….I am still waiting for more opportunities to create more ‘art piece’ in life! hahaha….. coz that is why I love to do in life! ‘am loving it !~~~

Thanks to all Sunshine judges who love this ‘art piece’ as much as we do! 🙂
And big congratulations to all other winners !!!

Also, a special thanks to Victor Hew who had assisted me during the maternity photo session for PE. Let’s go celebrate a bit! 😛 time for beer beer beer….

Of coz, I went together with PE. for the prize giving. 🙂

And we got a big hamper for little JK! where he is just 2 months old now.
We had just done the photo session with little JK last weekend. He is so adorable, and if you wish to see him….do drop by my blog in next few weeks….:-)

opeekaboo - Yes, Angela, we do provide maternity photography services. Pls email us more details at and we shall get back to you asap. thanks!~wanching

Angela Tan - Hi – do u provide maternity photography service ?


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