Smile always. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Baby KH loves to smile.
Whenever Grandpa or Mom plays with him, he smiles. Or I should say, whenever someone plays with him, he smiles.

Look at his smile. You will just forget about all sorrow…all worries…what you have in mind left only happiness. 😀


A cheerful little baby. Let us capture all happy photos for your happy memories, and one day, if you were to look at all these photos, I am sure that you will smile like how you did…

And, definitely, if you ‘peek-a-boo’ with Baby KH, he will smile all the way…

Lastly, how could we not share the photo of the cute little one in a nice basket? He looked at us when we put him in, wondering where were we going to bring him. To shopping mall? To playground? To school?  ‘To market, my dear….’ said Mom. 😛

opeekaboo - We must thank you too. You are such a wonderful mom! Hope that we can have chance to take more photos of his in future….

Swee Heng - I really love his smile, could make my day cheer and happy although with tone of work.
Many many thanks to Wan Ching & Victor to shot his natural smile..

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