by Malaysia photographer

Ultimate Joy in Family. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Maternity Photographer~

It is time to write a blog of Little J.! 🙂 And this time, I have Little J. helping me on all typings. Proof shown as below: 😛


We started the photo session outdoor, hoping that Little J. would have more fun for the photo session. And we were not wrong, he was having REAL fun being chased by 2 photographers. 😛 (and that is why photographers must maintain very good stamina and must always be in pink of health) It is just that we were not too lucky that day, it started to rain after some while. 🙁


Fun is everywhere, isn’t it? Indoor, outdoor, it does not matter. As long as we have Little J. around, we will all have fun! 🙂


Love to see his smiling face… haha…always so happy, so lovely, and so adorable! It will just make my day to see this photo!
Oh…and Little J. knows how to wish us ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’! At age of 1, isn’t he amazing?!?
Purposely reduced the shutter speed a little bit so that I could capture his ‘motion’ of  ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi’.

*For those who do not know what is ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’: it is actually a popular Chinese New Year greetings.
But if you literally translate “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, it would mean “wishing you enlarge your wealth”.:-P
Gong Xi: means wishing/blessing
Fa: means enlarge(ment)
Cai: means wealth


Always love to take CNY (Chinese New Year) photos for children, esp BABIES!
Look how cute and adorable is Little J. with his little ‘New Year’ hat? He does not even need a costume but this has already been marked as my own favorite photo. 🙂 A ‘classic’ CNY photo!

Seeing this photo, it reminds me of all the feelings getting all ‘ang pao’s  from all adults when I was a kid during CNY. Sometimes I would be too shy to greet others but knowing that I would sure get ang pao if I were to do that, I, at the very end, would still DO it! haha….but frankly speaking, I don’t really expect to get the $$$ from the ang pao, as I would always give all the ang paosss to my mom after CNY, but I would say it was the fun of GETTING the ANG PAOs…!!! ahahah…


Not to forget my favorite theme – ‘basket’. (:-P sounds a bit ‘weird’ for that, ya?)
For my favorite ‘basket’, it is way too small for Little J.  Little J. has BEST nutrition from Greatest Mama and is growing very nicely. Thanks to Mama!
Mama said that she loves these 2 photos. So do I. They are simple, yet classic. And Little J. looks ‘cool’ yet so cute!



Found this nice chair at Little J.’s home. Am sure he loves this chair very much, as this is where he has his best time with Mama and get all warmth and love from Mama.


Yes, a happy family. Little J. is definitely an ‘ultimate joy’ in the family. It is such a blessing to have such a cutie in life. Mr. and Mrs J. must have done lots of good deeds in life to be so lucky! 🙂


Little J. is a lucky boy too. Papa and Mama love him so much. I will let the photo to tell you more in detail. 😛


Always love to capture family photos. Can always feel the warmth and love in the family bond.

Thank you again, Mr. and Mrs J., for giving O-Peekaboo such an opportunity to capture all the sweet memories, and perhaps, this could be your sweet memories for memory.

Don’t forget to show Little J. all these photos or this blog in future ooo! I am sure he will appreciate these and know how much you have given him the best of everything in life!


opeekaboo - Jason, so glad to know that you love the photos. Coz we are loving them very much too!
Let us know when you are having the second baby. We can then have maternity + newborn + siblings + family photos. 🙂

Jason Ho - O-peekaboo, All of us definitely had an awesome time and I’m sure Jeremy was happy to say the least to be the star of the day. Great shots and it was certainly a wonderful decision to have both you and Victor capturing the moments of our precious little one!

opeekaboo - Thanks!

passer by - hahaha, love the expression of the gong xi gong xi shot. priceless…

Sweetie Pie with Big Big Eyes and Long Long Eye Lashes. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

O-Peekaboo’s FIRST TIME. To get email from a Dad asking for baby photography package.

YT. by all means, is a GREAT dad for Little QR. Feel proud on behalf of Little QR. when I read his email. (feel proud to have such wonderful dad, who always wants the best for her, who never wanna miss any good thing in life for her…)

Email from YT : I would like to leave a good photo memory for my princess....she has big eyes, deep deep double eye lids
and long long eye lashes...

And Yes, he is definitely right!
Little QR has REAL beautiful eyes! (Could not describe in WORDS but I have a proof here, a photo which can tell a thousand words) 🙂


Little QR. was so cooperative throughout the photo session. Of coz, dad and mom were there helping so much with the fashion and posing. 🙂 Thank you Dad and Mom!!!

Opeekaboo_ABC_9087 copy

Got to know from YT that they have been trying to get a baby for 7 years…7 years! Not a short period….I am so glad that they din give up…QR is such an adorable baby…. a blessing from God that she must be …. am so happy for Mr. and Mrs. YT. Congratulations again!!!


Haha, so glad to know that QR’s mom loves this photo the most. Guess moms always love to see cheeky expression from her kids, a face which can dissolve all tiredness and bring only joy and happiness!


This is my favorite shot for the day. She does not need to smile, she has shown all her loveliness in this photo. Love her softness, natural posing,  fashion and everything in this pic….


Haha, I learnt something new in this photo session.

Never shoot ‘NAKED’ photos for little gals!

As I would not be able to post them anywhere no matter how cute or how nice the photos are! Even some dads and moms are ok with posting those photos, I, myself, am not comfortable to do so. Haha…. but trust me, when ‘baby + water’,  it always equals to ‘joy + fun + excitement + happiness’.

I love to capture photos of babies in bath tub, as this is one of the things they enjoy the most during their childhood but they will not be able to remember it when they grow up, 🙂  thus, I would love to keep this memory for their memories in future….

Haha, posting this photo (with nothing to be censored 😛 ) to prove my statement above. Look how happy Little QR was! I have many more photos of her laughing and giggling in the bath tub but too bad, I could not post them….!!! But I am sure Little QR will appreciate those photos in future!


“If you were to ask me who is as happy as I am, then I would say it is my twin sister!”

I love Black and White photos sometimes, or I should say I love B&W for some photos. Even without other colors, black and white have made this a PERFECT photo.

And this photo has been selected by Mom and Dad to be printed out in 10R to be displayed at home.  Of coz, I will have this printed out for my own studio in future too! 🙂


YT told me that he has a very nice ‘dress’ for Little QR to be captured some great photos. And this is it! Look how cool Little QR was, wearing it!

This has been printed out in 8R as well, guess this could be a perfect photo to be hung in the bathroom. 🙂

Opeekaboo_ABC_9155 copy

Little QR could be shy at times. Perhaps a shy little bride in future too? 😛


Yup, I love this photo! Always see such photos in magazine or advertisement or wall paper in malls, but this time, I have it in my pc, my blog, my website and perhaps my own studio in future.

Thank you, Little QR, for being such a wonderful model for O-Peekaboo! It is really our pleasure to have the opportunity to capture your memories for your memory….


An amazing 1 hour photo session, as short as it could be (just nice before little princess started to be restless), but as wonderful as it was expected (with all the desired photos captured successfully). Mom and dad did plan out things well for Little QR! Thumbs up to Mama and Papa!

opeekaboo - Thanks Hooi Sun! Glad that you love my work. 😛 It motivates me.

Sunsun / Chuah Hooi Sun - Love this Pic Very Very Very much!..

opeekaboo - Hi Arly, really GLAD that you love this album..:-) Thank you for the compliment!

opeekaboo - @PT: Thank you so much for your support always!I am always on the learning path and wish to improve my photography skill every single day….Appreciate your encouragement and motivation along the way!

arly - perfect … we like this album so much …… u are the PRO ….

poay tin - Frend, it seems ur skills is improving all the way. Your shots always gv me a good surprice. Keep it up! Cheers!

Cool and Playful. Loves Fork Lift. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Just could not leave these out from sharing with all. Loves these photos. So much.

Look how cool is Little KL. in his little ‘car’. 🙂 Wait till you see how it  ‘transforms’, then you will be ‘impressed’! haha…..


Cool……!!! I bet Little KL loves ‘transformers’, as much as I do!!! 🙂


Simply love this photo… it is a totally different taste…..different feel….different style for a cool baby!


Little KL’s favorite toy, isn’t something that other kids might have — a fork lift! 🙂
hahaha….This playful boy enjoys ‘driving’ the fork lift. So much. And Grandpa is the one who ‘bought’ him this HUGE toy and ‘trained’ him so well!


A ‘black and white’ for this makes this playful little boy look totally COOL!


Thank you again to KL’s Papa and Mama, for giving us such good opportunity to capture these great moments for Little KL. I believe Little KL. would love these photos and will want to show to his little ones in future! 🙂
Sweet memories that last forever…


opeekaboo - Thank you for the compliment! The BB is ‘powerful’ indeed! 🙂

Water Star - Feel the “POWER” of the bb. Nice and special shot!!!

poay tin - Wah, u r so creative to bring the bb to a so special place. 🙂 NICE!

Cute and Funny. Enjoys Creeping. Loves Bubbles. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Wow…it has been 2 long weeks that I haven’t shared anything.
My bad. 🙁 Sorry…
Here I am now…. to share with you the little cutie that we had a chance to capture his great moments!~

Thanks to his Mama and Papa who always give him the best in life!
Mama told me that she has been looking for a good photo session for Little KL for quite some long time. And thanks again for giving O-Peekaboo such good opportunity to do so!

It was not easy to get Little KL to sit still as he just enjoys his every creep and crawl.
No matter where. He creeps and crawls. As this is what he does for now to get to ‘places’ he desires. 🙂 or to get to his desired toys. kekeke…

Look at him…. Catching butterflies on bed? 🙂 That is cool and funny! I have never tried that before. Haha….


Haha…. we still managed to get Little KL’s closer shot as he crept.
And look at what have we found out!~ haha….bubblessssss……he knows how to make bubbles! All by himself…. 🙂


Yes, it was Bubble again! Little KL. loves bubble, even for his bath!
Look at how he enjoyed his bubble bath! He just could not stop having fun with bubble!
haha…..happy and excited….

‘Mama, see, I can make more bubbles! I am making more bubblesssss….yeahhh….hurrayyyy…..’


Haha….it was this face when we wanted him to get out from his ‘wonderland’….

‘Mama,, can I have another bubble bath tomorrow? I will be a good boy always…I promised….’


A family photo sometimes worth a thousand words to tell how much we care for our family members.
It also reminds us to always treasure what we have with us.
No matter what happens, our families are always there for us. This will never change.

Little KL, you are always loved and blessed…..


And how much you are loved, you are cared… I guess you could simply tell it from a simple photo….


opeekaboo - You are welcomed. Thanks for giving us such opportunity to capture your sweet moments.

KL's mum - Thanks for your hardwork.We really enjoy the photo session:)