by Malaysia photographer

Miss him. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Miss him so much!!!

He is so near to me, but was I too busy? I found that I have neglected him for quite some time.
I can easily help him to capture all nice photos…but my bad, I have not done a good job as a ‘Yee Yee’ (means Auntie).
And time just flies… Little Shyuan has grown up so quickly!
I have just managed to get him photographed for only 3 times I think?!

Anyway, let me share with you the one that I miss so much.
Look at his eyes…I wish I could have such big round sparkling eyes too! hahaha….
Isn’t he just look at a DOLL!?! gosh… I just miss him so much!!!

ABC_4817 copy_s

And this little baby…haha…he started to play with his saliva…and I am going to show him this photo in future…hahaa….
Anyway, he is smart ya!? I tried but I could not get so many bubbles out of my saliva!!! hahaha….
ABC_4822 copy_s

Love his little mouth, and of coz, this mouth is definitely from my sister…
and he does look like my sister very much. haha….I should have let him see me more…so that he could look like me as well!

OK, time to exercise a bit…One…Two….Three…stretch your leg and lift it up….
wahahhaa….not like this baby! hahahaha……Simply love this photo so much…yeap…this is what every baby does in life… and how wonderful a life could be, ya?
Life is indeed a miracle….isn’t it?

Oh, Baby! I miss you and I am going to look for you tonight! coz I knew you miss me too! right? hahahahaha…….
muacksss muaccksss…

I am still here! ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

haha…yes, I am still here!
Sorry for such a looooong silence. Was kinda distracted by some ‘personal matters’ in life.
‘Personal matters’ here refer to my little sweetie and my shopping trips to Taiwan and Korea! πŸ˜€

Promised to throw a good birthday party for her. As she has been a very good gal since she promised me that she would.
Spent some time to prepare for the birthday party.
Food + invitation card + party packs + mini guest book + decorations + games for kids had taken up quite some of my free time for almost a week.
Anyway, the birthday party was successfully held with all love and blessing from family and friends. Thank you all, we love you!
(too bad that I was really busy on that night and thus din manage to capture any photos to share here…:-( sorry)

Anyway… after the party, I managed to capture some photos for her to be her good memories in life.
And that is also my present to her… πŸ˜› was too busy until I forgot to buy her a present!!! shame on me!

Happy Birthday, my sweetie!!!


*Thanks to Auntie LK, who had ‘custom-made’ such a lovely ballerina cake for her. It is in fact a ‘musical box’ cake.
πŸ™‚ A perfect piece of ART!!! Thanks again, Auntie LK!

See how happy she was… She was the princess that day!~ and she is always my princess.
Thanks to ‘Ami’ Jie Jie, for such a lovely dress!
She might not have all good things in life but I am sure that she is lucky to have all good friends and family around her.
I might not be lucky to have all good things in life too, but I am sure I am lucky to have her in life… and of coz, I am lucky to have all my good family and friends and people around me!~
Thanks to everyone…without you, I might not be able to come this far….


Yeah… baby! Dance as much as you wish…enjoy your time every single day….and be happy for every single moment…
I hope for nothing but happiness for you in life….
ABC_5170 copy_small

And this is my Princess!
The one who is always in my priority list and the one who had made me ‘disappeared’ from my blog for such a long time….. haha….blame on her!?! πŸ˜› Bad Mama!
ABC_5179 copy_small

Happy 4 years old, my dear…I love you…

opeekaboo - Thank you, Christian, for being around always!
Am touched and happy to know that you enjoy my ‘writings’ and ‘photos’! πŸ™‚

Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. A place I always love to go.

One friend, MSNed me today, told me that my Semporna photos that I had just posted are all very nice.
Thank you for the compliment, Mr.J! (but he forgot to put his comment in my blog…:-P)

And I knew, he would ask me one thing. And yes, he did. πŸ™‚
‘Why is it that all photos are monotone?’

I do really appreciate Mr.J for dropping by my site so frequently, and I am SOOOO happy that he asked me that question!!!
As when I was posting all the photos, I had really hoped that someone could come and ask me ‘why’…..hahaa….as you can see from all my postings, I seldom do monotone for so many photos.

haha….Thank You, Mr. J, for being there with me all along my photography way…..

And so, today….. I would like to ‘dedicate’ theses photos to Mr.J. (just like how people used to dedicate songs to someone….haha…)
Hope you like them….(Mr. J is also going to Semporna next month….can’t wait to see his photos too….must remember to share with me ya, Mr.J!)

Semporna, a place I always love to go.
I had been there twice, and this was the third time.
It has been a ‘definite place’ for me to go visit every year. (although I would simply get burnt out of this, but I don’t care and don’t bother much….haha….afterall, I can always get some facial treatments after that, right?)

Look at my Semporna, a place where you can see all the REAL COLORs!!! Green means green…blue means blue….haha….


and a place where you can find pure white sand and crystal clear water…. and not to forget too, superb cloud!


Everything can be as simple as it could be… and even it is as simple as it could be, it can be as nice as it could be… πŸ˜› (that does not sound complicated at all, right?)


Even if you take a bigger picture of Semporna, it can be still as nice as it could be, and yet still as simple as it is.


Love this photo… where you can see all the REAL COLORssss…..!!!
And if you see properly, it is not easy to find GREY here…. πŸ˜€ (grey always brings negative effect to me, just my own belief. Do you think so? πŸ˜› )


Haha…. how have I been wishing to get a house by the seaside with coconut trees around it…. (but I forgot what type of house I always wish to have….:-P)

This is what we called a ‘bungalow’ ! Isn’t it??? But I don’t think many would wish to have a stay in it. πŸ™‚ But if I were to be given a chance to do so, I WILL DEFINITELY DO THAT!!! hahaha….


Oops…I did it again…and again….

Realized that it is not easy at all to commit ‘A Photo A Day’, although it can really ‘Keep All the Stress Away’…:-)
Sorry, guys and gals…my bad.
If you had come here everyday for the past few days and got disappointed by me, pls…drop me a personal email….I shall make it up to you…:-) I have ‘my way’ to cheer you up…haha…

OK, let me do some maths here. Haha…..How many days that I have missed? How many days that I have eaten my own words? How many days that I have got you disappointed by me?
OH MY….!!!~~~ 5 days!!!
OKOK…. let me make it up to you here… at least 5 photos for today ok? πŸ™‚

Semporna, a place with simple life….


A boat…can simply be a complete home….
Home sweet home…is when everyone in the family is happily together…
Photo: Dad was burning the boat!?! Destroying the ‘home sweet home’?!? Β Don’t worry….:-P dad was doing what he should….’protecting’ the home….fire could kill all the parasits/worms/germs that would destroy the boat.


While the dad was working, all the kids ran out to have some fun outside!
haha….and look at their toys! Simply amazing, isn’t it!?!Β They can be quite ‘creative’ with their ‘toys’ and really have fun out of them…
I wanted to join the fun too!!! But whenever I go nearer, they will just stop and look at me….strangely….:-(

ABC_2709 copy_small

Purposely made this a B&W photo.
Even with just black and white, I can feel the ‘heat’….can you feel that too? πŸ˜› perhaps the face expression of this sweetie can tell how ‘hot’ it was….woo hooo…..
This sweetie used her short pants as her hat. But I promised to bring her a hat if I were to visit her again….


I love this photo. A window with several expressions.
Perhaps they have already told you their stories???

Life….can be different for different people….ya….
As long as we treasure life, life…can be simple but full of happiness….