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Malaysia Baby Photographer: A Lucky Boy on Earth

Sometimes, I really feel that I am not good at all being a mom. As a baby photographer, I get to know many moms from all around the world. All moms are doing their very best for their kids everyday. Besides providing all daily necessities, they spend time and effort keeping all sweet memories for their children. I, seriously, admire those moms (with highest salute, too) who are so dedicated in their kids’ life. The more I know how much that one mom can show their love to their kids, the more I feel guilt inside myself that I did too little for my own kid in life. You might not believe this but, I am a children photographer and yet, my gal did not get too many photographs from her mom! -____-

Anyway, here I am sharing some sweet memories I captured for a lucky boy on earth who has a very dedicated mom in life.

How dedicated a mom could be? Eherrmmm…. ever since Little T. is born, his mom had regularly arranged very ‘proper’ photo shoot for him. Proper in the sense that not only getting professional photographer for the shoot, it also means that his mom has tried her very best to get all his props for the photo shoot, all different kinds of baby clothing, even think of different poses/themes for the photo shoot. And you could not imagine how ‘grand’ his first year birthday party! I was so surprised and shocked to know how much effort that one mom can put in to organize such a GRAND birthday party for a baby boy (Haha, was the official photographer for that big event and may be I can share some photos in future). OK, what else dedicated could mean? This little boy and his family stay in KL and I am based in PG. His mom, out of my expectation, purposely arranged a trip to Penang to have me photographed her boy as my schedule was kinda packed during that period of time. Am so touched and honored for that, hence I promised her that I will get all nice photos for her boy and all family members as sweetest memories ever! 🙂

There is really nothing greater than a mother’s love…

And this is the best AH MA on earth! She was the one who helped to suggest all nice poses for Little T. during my photo session.

Little T. is definitely blessed with a big loving family. Ah Yee came along to PG to have fun with Little T.!:)

These 2 photos will tell Little T. in future how much effort his mom has put in to ‘teach’ him how to use a ‘float’. lol

And yes, Hard Rock Hotel was where they enjoyed Penang! Having seen all of them had so much fun at Hard Rock Hotel, I promised myself that I will also bring my girl to this place for a short vacation and yes, I managed to do that few weeks later! Haha!

Mom wished to get a pic of this CARS luggage bag with Little T. as this is a new gift for the lucky boy! 

Oh, and this is the loving AH GONG, who loves to hold Little T. and give him all his love!

Little JY. is T.’s cousin sister and that means they are going to grow up together and enjoy their childhood as much as they can!



Malaysia Baby Photographer: Twin Babies.

First time photographing a pair of twin babies. 🙂

It was such a challenging and exciting photo session. It was never easy to handle twins furthermore both are baby boys.

Anyway, we all had fun and got great photos out of the short photo session.



Kris - Hi! I’m thinking to book a schedule for maternity photoshoot. Please kindly email me your rates. Where is your address in malaysia? We’re at petaling jaya.

Malaysia Baby Photographer: Fun in School.

Ringgggg……..goes the school bell.
Good morning teacher! Good morning children!
Sound familiar? *smilling*
School is the most FUN time in our life….carefree, full of laughter, happy goes lucky. =)
I was given the opportunity by Hooi Nee to help her capture and make one of the BEST present for her kid ~ preserving his childhood memories in school.
Initially I was given the impression that Chun Qii is a very shy boy!
As it turn out, shy – no, active – definitely YES (he just loves to run and run all over his school field =))!
Whew……. a tiring photo session with mosquito bites but it is worth every single thing in the world….here’s some pictures to share, simply priceless. =)

Happily blowing bubbles at us =0

Enjoying his time at school with his friends

A picture paints a thousand words…….indescribable the determination and love of a mother. =)
Treasure and enjoy your schooling time….i still remember my favorite teacher and my best friend! =)
We love our school!

Malaysia Baby, Kids, Family and Maternity Photographer: Happy New Year.

Woo hoo……………Time flies!!!
I can’t believe that today is 1.1.11!
There were so many things that I wished to accomplish in 2010 still, but gosh, it is already 2011! haha….and I have so many things that I wish to do in 2011. Gosh, guess I will need to set all of them as my New Year resolutions! 🙂

Looking back, 2010 has been a great year for O-Peekaboo!
We had so much fun with so many babies and kids and families.
We enjoyed every single photo session and we really hope that all families enjoyed as much as we did. 🙂
Thank you so much for giving us such great opportunities to capture all your sweet memories in life! Memories for memory…forever…^^

In fact, one thing that O-Peekaboo needs to improve in year 2011 – be more consistent in blogging/photo sharing/website updating!
Therefore, O-Peekaboo is hiring!~
Please let me know if you are interested for the vacancy of ‘marketing admin’ (post defined by O-Peekaboo herself…haha…).

Lastly, let’s say Bye-bye to 2010 and let’s welcome 2011~