by Malaysia photographer

Chiew Boay

Here’s a baby photography for Chiew Boay’s little daughter and the whole family was here for the photo session. This little sweetie pie was so lively and expressive while the elder brother was a bit camera-shy and reluctant at first, but I was glad that he began to warm up a little and joined in after some time.

The family also took their family photo on that day. I was so happy that all their photos taken on that day turned out to be great and they have ordered more copies than the usual ten.

As a warm note to these two siblings, I wish they will come to appreciate the blessings of having such loving parents one day or even better, to share the family’s love between themselves.


Feeling pretty in my white flower knit hat.


Little sweetie showing her cute front teeth 🙂


Can you see ‘me’ from there?


Sweetie pie in her yellow knit hat <3


Ermm…Do I look great from this angle?


Yay! It’s my favorite pink <3


Brooding, brooding…and brooding.


You want to borrow my specs?


Neh~ Neh~ Not for you! XP


Do I look like Brainy Smurf?


Cutie wearing her pink ruffled tutu.


Heehehe! Pink again <3

DSC_1309 copy

Yeah~ I’m a sweet little babe!

DSC_1320 copy

Buzz! Buzz!

DSC_1323 copy

Close-up of sweet babe 🙂


Sweetie pie lying on a fluffy mat.

DSC_1360 copy

A ‘milestone’ photo required by the loving daddy to remember sweetie pie’s crawling stage.


Daddy holding sweetie pie in his arm <3


Honestly, I seldom have the opportunities to make a photoshoot with foreigners. So when two mothers came ringing my doorbell and asking to purchase the gift certificate for H., who is a foreigner as well as their kids’ school teacher, I was over the moon excited! And in coincidence, I can’t believe that the world is so small because my daughter actually goes to the same school with them too.

From what I knew, little F. was a natural-birth baby. Seriously I was impressed by that because by the time little F. was born he was already 3.8 kg! And Little F. is undoubtedly a lovely and healthy baby boy. He didn’t sleep much during the photoshoot, but kept looking around with his beautiful blue eyes instead. No matter how, I was so glad that all the photographs taken on that day had turned out to be tremendously great.

It was a wonderful photoshoot session after all and I hope that little F. will come to cherish all these photographs of him as he grows up in future time.   


Little F. has got daddy’s blue eyes 🙂

A portrait of this lovely family ♥

DSC_0496 Another wonderful family photo ♥


Mummy kissing little F.


Little F. and his calm expression 🙂

DSC_0703 copy

Brooding on something?

DSC_0753 copy

Hey, can you give us a smile?

DSC_0777 copy

Here you go! ♥

DSC_0802 copy

Mummy cuddling little F.

DSC_0871 copy

Snapped this when little F. was sleeping.

DSC_0955 copy

Mummy holding little F. in her arms.

DSC_6896 copy

Little F. lying happily on a bed of plush toys and they were gifts from family and friends!

DSC_6945 copy

Was stunned by his sapphire-like blue eyes in this picture! I think little F. is truly as precious as jewels to his parents! ♥

DSC_7011 copy

Little F. holding daddy and mummy’s wedding photo! So sweet and warm! ♥

opeekaboo - Hi Abi, I have sent my rate card to your email address. Pls check when you are free, k? 😀

Abi - Lovely! What’s your packages for family shoot?

Evian & Pin Pin

Finally, I agreed to shoot the portraiture for Evian & Pinpin (her dog). She had already asked me about that for a few months, but due to my tight schedule at that time, i had to hold it off for so long (felt so guitly about this). Until one day, Evian told me that:’oh, we’ve waited till Pinpin became an old dog already.’ Another wave of guiltiness surged in, and I quickly ‘whatsapped’ her and scheduled the time and place of her shoot. Luckily, I had made her wish come true. To tell the truth, this is my fisrt time shooting a pet portraiture. I always think that shooting for a pet will be a difficult task, but Pinpin has changed my mind! And it’s really a lovely darling. Evian is such a lucky owner and as well as Pinpin, a lucky pet. Both of them are just so meant to be together. I think, the affection they show for each other can only be shared and understood by themselves. Though as an outsider, I’m somehow impressed by how they are able to work tacitly together, being an owner and a pet. As a dog owner myself, seeing the interaction between Evian and Pinpin makes me feel guilty again. Because I’ve never been so caring towards my own dog. Ah, I wanna go home now and do something to make up for my lack of care towards Tamie (my own dog)!

DSC_1826-2 copy

DSC_1854 copy


Rainy Days

I don’t quite like rainy days. I got emo, without good reason. Lazing around, I have totally no mood to work. Though I have tones of editing work piling up on my desk, I feel like just doing stuff I love. But suddenly I found that I no longer have a hobby ever since I turned my hobby into my full time job! And so, I am empty now! 🙁  May be it is a good time to think of ‘another’ thing I would enjoy doing beside photography which is already my job now.

Somehow, rainy days did another effect on me. Rainy days always remind me of my little girl. May be that is because I got the most rainy days in life when I was expecting her. Life was not easy for me back then.  But then, I have come this far… and I will go further I am sure, of coz, with my little girl. She is my little angel in life, ‘protecting’ me somehow. She is the one that reminds me to stay strong always, no matter what happen in our lives. I am so blessed with such an understanding girl, still remember that there was once a rainy day that I got emo and could not hold my tears and cried in front of my little 3 year-old girl. Believing that she did not understand at all why was I tearing, I was totally surprised when she came with a tissue paper and helped me wipe my tears off. That’s just my little girl. Am not a good mother, must I admit, but she is definitely a good daughter. Seeing her grow up everyday, is one of the things I enjoy doing. Oh… may be I can consider that as my new hobby? 😛