by Malaysia photographer

Baby HM wants good photos. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

When we reached, his dad said he did not wanna sleep. He was waiting for us.
And I supposed, he knew that we were there to take his good photos. πŸ™‚
Amazingly, he did not sleep for the whole session and that is definitely of one good reason:
he wants good photos for himself!
Look how cool he posed for us, at age 33 days! πŸ˜›


I have always liked ‘basket’ for Babiesss…. And if you were to notice, O-Peekaboo has a lot of ‘basket’ photos for babies. πŸ˜€ as it is one of the main themes for O-Peekaboo as well.
Can you not say it is sooooo adorable of little baby HM in the basket?

Last but not least, a photo that I love very much. The longer I look it, the more that I love it! It is so harmony…so peaceful…and so warm….I wish to be like a baby! πŸ˜›

Little baby HM, you are so lucky to have such dedicated mom and dad! And O-Peekaboo is so lucky to have you! πŸ™‚ We will be seeing you every month to capture all nice photos for you and we promised we will do our best!

opeekaboo - Yes, Poay Tin, the little girl is so good in jumping!
I wanted to make her a STAR that day, and YES, she made it. She was a STAR that day!

poay tin - hmm……….i like the one which a girl jumping with guitar, very nice!

A very good morning. Everyone. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

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It is never too ‘early’ to meet Baby B.
He is such a lovely boy, so soft so gentle.
I would love to see his photos every morning, a good refreshment for the day…
It will not be too ‘late’ to meet you again, Baby B.
And this time, I promised you will love to see me in the very morning too, and we will get you more photos! πŸ™‚



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opeekaboo - Yes, this is how I feel also….feel warm whenever look at this photo…
Glad that you like it too…thanks!

Swee Heng - I like this…the effect let me feel like baby johnson advertisement…very warm and peace…

Malaysia Baby Photographer.

Yes. I was nothing in photography…until I met V.
V is the one who inspires me, encourages me, teaches me, guides me all along the way for my photography path.
I started to fall in love with Travel Photography first.
Then … Wedding Photography, as V is very into wedding photography,
and I was honored (lucky enough) to be hired as his assistant during his wedding assignments.
Of coz, at the same time, I did not want to miss the chance to capture some great moments for my little precious.
(in fact, I have missed her first 2 years already.)
And when I started to do that, I finally….found my great passion in Baby photography!!!
As to me, I always love BABIES! And when I started to love PHOTOGRAPHY…why could I not think of BABY PHOTOGRAPHY as the ‘perfect match’ for myself?
I spent 1 week to come out with a brand name for my baby photography. Not a simple job at all.
I spent 3 days to design my own logo. Am always a ‘fussy’ person and always want a ‘perfect’ logo.
I spent 1 day to draw/computerize my own logo. Using Microsoft Words.
I spent 2 weeks to design my website and got it published. Too much to think of. Fonts, colors, theme…
I spent…
I spent…
I spent…
Of coz, I spent most of the time taking photos. Thanks to all parents who signed up for my peeking sessions and thanks to V for always being there to guide me.

And therefore, we have O-Peekaboo here. Another Baby Photographer in Malaysia….who loves babies and photography….


Amilee Paul - I would like to take a casual family picture with my 1 year old daughter…tq πŸ™‚

opeekaboo - HI Serene, Can you send us an email at so that we can send you the quotation? We might need more details on the birthday party so that we could quote you adequately. πŸ˜€ What time will the birthday party be? How big is the celebration (eg,how many guests? agenda for the party and etc) ? Do you wish to get a photobook for that? You may reach me at 0174690143 anytime and we can discuss about the big day for you little baby.

Serene lam - Hi can u send me quotation for 1st birthday party. Duration about 2 hours. Location happy garden kl. Date 21th July. Thank you~

opeekaboo - Hi Chaiyen, sorry for late reply, mind to send me more details Will send you our package list by then.

Chaiyen - I would like to get a professional to take photo for my twin nieces for their one year old birthday. How much would it cost for both indoor and outdoor photography, soft copy photos? No need to develop. Please let me know! Thank you!


Hello, Β All!

I have always wanted to do somethingΒ ‘meaningful’Β this day. 090909. Perhaps I would only have this once in my lifetime? πŸ˜›

And YES! I guess I have my dream come true…

A site for me to share my work with everyone.
A site for me to let my photos tell some stories.
A site for me to let all babies ‘show off’ a bit.
and of coz,
A place for me to thank everyone who support me all along the way.
and most importantly,
A place for me to show how much we are blessed.
Life is indeed a miracle.

Cengie - Good shooting & good job……sooo natural….keep it up…^_^