Oops…I did it again…and again….

Realized that it is not easy at all to commit ‘A Photo A Day’, although it can really ‘Keep All the Stress Away’…:-)
Sorry, guys and gals…my bad.
If you had come here everyday for the past few days and got disappointed by me, pls…drop me a personal email….I shall make it up to you…:-) I have ‘my way’ to cheer you up…haha…

OK, let me do some maths here. Haha…..How many days that I have missed? How many days that I have eaten my own words? How many days that I have got you disappointed by me?
OH MY….!!!~~~ 5 days!!!
OKOK…. let me make it up to you here… at least 5 photos for today ok? 🙂

Semporna, a place with simple life….


A boat…can simply be a complete home….
Home sweet home…is when everyone in the family is happily together…
Photo: Dad was burning the boat!?! Destroying the ‘home sweet home’?!?  Don’t worry….:-P dad was doing what he should….’protecting’ the home….fire could kill all the parasits/worms/germs that would destroy the boat.


While the dad was working, all the kids ran out to have some fun outside!
haha….and look at their toys! Simply amazing, isn’t it!?! They can be quite ‘creative’ with their ‘toys’ and really have fun out of them…
I wanted to join the fun too!!! But whenever I go nearer, they will just stop and look at me….strangely….:-(

ABC_2709 copy_small

Purposely made this a B&W photo.
Even with just black and white, I can feel the ‘heat’….can you feel that too? 😛 perhaps the face expression of this sweetie can tell how ‘hot’ it was….woo hooo…..
This sweetie used her short pants as her hat. But I promised to bring her a hat if I were to visit her again….


I love this photo. A window with several expressions.
Perhaps they have already told you their stories???

Life….can be different for different people….ya….
As long as we treasure life, life…can be simple but full of happiness….


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