My Ballerina Girl ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Time just flies…..
I have been busy capturing others babies and kids… almost forgot about my own…
How could I forget this little sweetie pie?!? Although at times, I would forget that I am already a MOM! 😛

This was the first time I did the make-up for her. Never really know how to do it…as I myself do not put make-up too often, perhaps only few times in life. 🙂
Looking at her, my heart melted….I knew, this is a blessing from God…

As usual, little gals will not want to close their mouths after their moms put lipsticks for them! haha…. I need to take this down for her to see in future…

She is my ANGEL….no matter how tough my life used to be….I am blessed, with a little ANGEL in life….and of coz with many good people around me ! I am a LUCKY ONE here!!! 🙂 Thanks to EVERYONE beside me. I love all of you!

She is the youngest one among all the ballerina girls… but all the Jie Jies sayang her very much… Every time she goes to ballet class, she will be greeted, kissed and hugged by many nice Jie Jies…

My sweetie is getting sweeter and sweeter, isn’t she? 😛

So touched to see this photo…. my baby has grown up! Look….she is dancing on stage now~! Can’t believe it! She is no longer a baby crying for milk but a sweetie pie now dancing on stage!

Am so proud of her too….look how serious she was !~ 🙂 I think she really loves ballet…. hopefully Mama has not made a bad decision for her….

A small tiny SWAN on stage! 🙂

Well Done, my dear! You are an AWESOME ballerina girl! Mama knew you have done your very best on stage!

Last but not least, thanks to Teacher Rebecca, for arranging this performance for the little ones to have a chance to go on stage.
It was not an ordinary performance but a CHARITY one!
Everyone has done a great job! Thumbs up to all little sweetiessss…..You have made us proud!

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