My Christmas Present for 2009…~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

from my sister.
Yes, I got the best Christmas present from my sister.
My first little ‘nephew’!!! (still waiting for his parents to pick him a name)
I am so happy and excited. I am finally an ‘official’ aunt! 😛 sounds a bit too ‘old’ for me though…:-P

Here, let me introduce my little nephew!!!

Look at him. How could I not love him…


He has his ‘unique’ way to ask for food….and of coz he got the ‘best food’ from mom!


Little feet with lines of happiness and gratitude….you are blessed and loved, my little one….


And for me, my Christmas present for my sister and her family…are…photos for sweet ever-lasting memory! 🙂

Congratulations, my little sis!
You will be a great mom in life, but still my ‘little’ sister as usual… 🙂

opeekaboo - Thanks, Wei Leng.
I am very into newborns too. Love them always. And that is how I got myself into Baby Photography, coz I wanna capture all sweet memories for them. When they grow up, they will get to see how adorable they used to be….:-)

Wei Leng - Hi there, Congrats again to you and your sister.
I started to fond in looking a new born baby. They are the magics in life.

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