Miss him. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Miss him so much!!!

He is so near to me, but was I too busy? I found that I have neglected him for quite some time.
I can easily help him to capture all nice photos…but my bad, I have not done a good job as a ‘Yee Yee’ (means Auntie).
And time just flies… Little Shyuan has grown up so quickly!
I have just managed to get him photographed for only 3 times I think?!

Anyway, let me share with you the one that I miss so much.
Look at his eyes…I wish I could have such big round sparkling eyes too! hahaha….
Isn’t he just look at a DOLL!?! gosh… I just miss him so much!!!

ABC_4817 copy_s

And this little baby…haha…he started to play with his saliva…and I am going to show him this photo in future…hahaa….
Anyway, he is smart ya!? I tried but I could not get so many bubbles out of my saliva!!! hahaha….
ABC_4822 copy_s

Love his little mouth, and of coz, this mouth is definitely from my sister…
and he does look like my sister very much. haha….I should have let him see me more…so that he could look like me as well!

OK, time to exercise a bit…One…Two….Three…stretch your leg and lift it up….
wahahhaa….not like this baby! hahahaha……Simply love this photo so much…yeap…this is what every baby does in life… and how wonderful a life could be, ya?
Life is indeed a miracle….isn’t it?

Oh, Baby! I miss you and I am going to look for you tonight! coz I knew you miss me too! right? hahahahaha…….
muacksss muaccksss…

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