Malaysia Wedding Photographer: Featuring Victor Hew Photography

Today is 8.8~!
For Chinese, these are good numbers… 8 and 8 means…’Fatt’ and ‘Fatt’ (‘Fatt’ means Get Rich in Hokkien) !

So… I decided to do something ‘meaningful’ today.
In fact, I was given an honor to create a NEW business card for Victor Hew Photography.
And this NEW card needs to be EXCLUSIVE and STYLISH and COOL and NICE and AS CUTE AS me! 🙂
In order to get those, I could not just simply put words on it… I need some thing more interesting!
woo…. I got an idea! Why not I get a GREAT photo for it!?!

Woo hooo….without hesitating much, I started to act (spontaneous enough ya!? 😛 coz today is 8.8, I must get good achievement today!).
Getting the ‘RIGHT’ model (guess who? who else?!? you will find that out later), right equipments, right ‘SIFU’ (in this case, it is the same person as the MODEL…:-P) and the right lighting (of coz taught by SIFU as am not too good in lighting still, and this is a good lighting practical session for me too!)
…………below is what I got……………

And by adding all necessary ‘ingredients’ + ‘content’…below is the front page of the NEW business card….
See how the photo above being ‘transformed’ in the NEW card? 🙂

What do you think? Nice? Cool? Stylish? Exclusive? Outstanding?
(Feel free to drop me comment so that I can improve…)
😛 Anyway, I love my creation today and I hope that Victor will love it…and also all of you! 🙂

While for the back side of the card, you can see 2 little ‘stick-man+woman’ (which I created long time ago using Microsoft Words before I knew how to use PhotoShop…:-P) living happily ever after…

OKie…. 8.8.2010 … A new card was born….and it would be ‘raised’ with all love and blessing…Muacks Muacks!!!

Talking about 8.8, I thought of 9.9.2010…!!! Oh My Gosh! It is going to be O-Peekaboo’s 1 year Anniversary!!!
And I have yet prepared anything for it! Oh…. time to work on it!

While for the little ‘hint’ or ‘early announcement’ to all O-Peekaboo fans/blog readers, there will be GREAT promotions on 9.9.2010. And thus, STAY TUNED!!!
It is time for O-Peekaboo to thank everyone for the great support+love+blessing over the passed 1 year!
Muackss Muackss to all too!

And for now, Good night and Sweet dreams…..

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