Malaysia Baby Photographer: Fun in School.

Ringgggg……..goes the school bell.
Good morning teacher! Good morning children!
Sound familiar? *smilling*
School is the most FUN time in our life….carefree, full of laughter, happy goes lucky. =)
I was given the opportunity by Hooi Nee to help her capture and make one of the BEST present for her kid ~ preserving his childhood memories in school.
Initially I was given the impression that Chun Qii is a very shy boy!
As it turn out, shy – no, active – definitely YES (he just loves to run and run all over his school field =))!
Whew……. a tiring photo session with mosquito bites but it is worth every single thing in the world….here’s some pictures to share, simply priceless. =)

Happily blowing bubbles at us =0

Enjoying his time at school with his friends

A picture paints a thousand words…….indescribable the determination and love of a mother. =)
Treasure and enjoy your schooling time….i still remember my favorite teacher and my best friend! =)
We love our school!

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