Baby HM wants good photos. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

When we reached, his dad said he did not wanna sleep. He was waiting for us.
And I supposed, he knew that we were there to take his good photos. 🙂
Amazingly, he did not sleep for the whole session and that is definitely of one good reason:
he wants good photos for himself!
Look how cool he posed for us, at age 33 days! 😛


I have always liked ‘basket’ for Babiesss…. And if you were to notice, O-Peekaboo has a lot of ‘basket’ photos for babies. 😀 as it is one of the main themes for O-Peekaboo as well.
Can you not say it is sooooo adorable of little baby HM in the basket?

Last but not least, a photo that I love very much. The longer I look it, the more that I love it! It is so harmony…so peaceful…and so warm….I wish to be like a baby! 😛

Little baby HM, you are so lucky to have such dedicated mom and dad! And O-Peekaboo is so lucky to have you! 🙂 We will be seeing you every month to capture all nice photos for you and we promised we will do our best!

opeekaboo - Yes, Poay Tin, the little girl is so good in jumping!
I wanted to make her a STAR that day, and YES, she made it. She was a STAR that day!

poay tin - hmm……….i like the one which a girl jumping with guitar, very nice!

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