Just shaved. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Oops, his mom got him shaved, before we got to capture some photos of him.
His mom called at quite last minute to check if we can go capture some good photos of him before she shaved him. Too bad that we could not make it. Felt so sorry…
But how would it be too late to shoot such a good baby?
He was so cooperative that he let us take quite some good photos of him sleeping.

And of coz, a poem should go with this photo…:-)


Definitely, we do not forget to take his ‘newly shaved’  photo. He looks totally cool with that! 🙂

Look at the tiny little fingers. He must be making a good wish for all of us…

Welcome to the world,  Baby Q. You are always blessed and loved…

shereen - my baby qays is peacefully sleeping amids the havoc his big brother is doing at the same time..wan ching n victor are really pro at what they’re doing

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