I Love ‘Classic’ Maternity Photos! ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Maternity Photographer~

Can’t wait to share the maternity photos of  a gorgeous Mom-to-be, PE.
And these are what I have always wanted to get – ‘classic’ maternity photos! (:-P I am the one who defined the ‘classic’ term but I hope you too do agree on that term.)
I have always loved to shoot maternity photos, perhaps it is because I had been through the whole process once. 😛 And I can feel the love ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ a mom-to-be.
I did wish that I could have some maternity photos for myself, but at that time, what I had was just a 3.1 megapixels ‘Point-and-Shoot’ camera. Too bad, ya!? haha….
But it is ok, I am so glad that I have the opportunity now to capture such ‘warm’, ‘sweet’, loving’ moments for Moms + Dads-to-be.

Look at her! Isn’t she gorgeous?
At first, I wanted her totally naked. 😀 But the Dad-to-be …. raised his eye brow and looked at me, without any word from his mouth, I knew my idea/suggestion/recommendation would not work for this time.
Well, I did not give up easily. I said, ‘Don’t worry…I will make both of you happy…’ haha….by a piece of scarf, I think, I still got what I wished and still kept them smiling for the entire photo session. lol.


She is never a ‘camera-shy’ beauty. Love to take her photos……her eyes are simply amazing…..and look at her, with a little ‘life’ in her, she looks AWESOME!


haha….I said this is a ‘maternity hat’, bet you won’t believe! We were just trying to have some fun with it. haha…or I should say we were trying to be ‘out of the box’!?! haha…
But I think I kinda like it. It is has made this photo to be ‘outstanding’ and ‘different’ from many other maternity photos! haha….


PE. said she loves this photo very much. (Is it because we can’t see her face here? I don’t think she is so shy though. :-P)
Anyway, I love this photo myself!  We did put in quite an effort to get this photo though. haha…..I wished to get more wind….:-P


Well, thank you, PE. and also JH. Thank you for giving me such opportunity to capture such nice photos.
I love you all as much as I love ‘classic’ maternity photos! lol…..

(JH., stay tuned for more photos of you and PE. and coming-soon baby.)

opeekaboo - @PoayTin: Stay tuned for more photos…:-)
@PE: So glad that you love the photos. It was you that shine all the way….You are simply amazing!~ Do let me know when the baby has come, ya!

PE - Actually, I didn’t expect the outcome is soooooo nice!!! because my leg is swellen and I didn’t prepare nice clothes……..

but, may be is the mummy love is shine, may be is ur skills is SUPERB, may be is timing is right!!! the pictures really beautiful. Thanks a lot!!! this is really once in life time experience………my 36 weeks pregnancy!!!

poay tin - Why u din post the photo which got dad and mom togather eh?

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