I am still here! ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

haha…yes, I am still here!
Sorry for such a looooong silence. Was kinda distracted by some ‘personal matters’ in life.
‘Personal matters’ here refer to my little sweetie and my shopping trips to Taiwan and Korea! 😀

Promised to throw a good birthday party for her. As she has been a very good gal since she promised me that she would.
Spent some time to prepare for the birthday party.
Food + invitation card + party packs + mini guest book + decorations + games for kids had taken up quite some of my free time for almost a week.
Anyway, the birthday party was successfully held with all love and blessing from family and friends. Thank you all, we love you!
(too bad that I was really busy on that night and thus din manage to capture any photos to share here…:-( sorry)

Anyway… after the party, I managed to capture some photos for her to be her good memories in life.
And that is also my present to her… 😛 was too busy until I forgot to buy her a present!!! shame on me!

Happy Birthday, my sweetie!!!


*Thanks to Auntie LK, who had ‘custom-made’ such a lovely ballerina cake for her. It is in fact a ‘musical box’ cake.
🙂 A perfect piece of ART!!! Thanks again, Auntie LK!

See how happy she was… She was the princess that day!~ and she is always my princess.
Thanks to ‘Ami’ Jie Jie, for such a lovely dress!
She might not have all good things in life but I am sure that she is lucky to have all good friends and family around her.
I might not be lucky to have all good things in life too, but I am sure I am lucky to have her in life… and of coz, I am lucky to have all my good family and friends and people around me!~
Thanks to everyone…without you, I might not be able to come this far….


Yeah…..dance baby! Dance as much as you wish…enjoy your time every single day….and be happy for every single moment…
I hope for nothing but happiness for you in life….
ABC_5170 copy_small

And this is my Princess!
The one who is always in my priority list and the one who had made me ‘disappeared’ from my blog for such a long time….. haha….blame on her!?! 😛 Bad Mama!
ABC_5179 copy_small

Happy 4 years old, my dear…I love you…

opeekaboo - Thank you, Christian, for being around always!
Am touched and happy to know that you enjoy my ‘writings’ and ‘photos’! 🙂

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