Honestly, I seldom have the opportunities to make a photoshoot with foreigners. So when two mothers came ringing my doorbell and asking to purchase the gift certificate for H., who is a foreigner as well as their kids’ school teacher, I was over the moon excited! And in coincidence, I can’t believe that the world is so small because my daughter actually goes to the same school with them too.

From what I knew, little F. was a natural-birth baby. Seriously I was impressed by that because by the time little F. was born he was already 3.8 kg! And Little F. is undoubtedly a lovely and healthy baby boy. He didn’t sleep much during the photoshoot, but kept looking around with his beautiful blue eyes instead. No matter how, I was so glad that all the photographs taken on that day had turned out to be tremendously great.

It was a wonderful photoshoot session after all and I hope that little F. will come to cherish all these photographs of him as he grows up in future time.   


Little F. has got daddy’s blue eyes 🙂

A portrait of this lovely family ♥

DSC_0496 Another wonderful family photo ♥


Mummy kissing little F.


Little F. and his calm expression 🙂

DSC_0703 copy

Brooding on something?

DSC_0753 copy

Hey, can you give us a smile?

DSC_0777 copy

Here you go! ♥

DSC_0802 copy

Mummy cuddling little F.

DSC_0871 copy

Snapped this when little F. was sleeping.

DSC_0955 copy

Mummy holding little F. in her arms.

DSC_6896 copy

Little F. lying happily on a bed of plush toys and they were gifts from family and friends!

DSC_6945 copy

Was stunned by his sapphire-like blue eyes in this picture! I think little F. is truly as precious as jewels to his parents! ♥

DSC_7011 copy

Little F. holding daddy and mummy’s wedding photo! So sweet and warm! ♥

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