Family of 2+3=5. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

It is no longer too common nowadays to get to know a mom with 3 kids at such young age.

When I received email from Anleen asking for the photography package for her 3 kids age 6 yr old (boy), 16 months (girl), and 4 months (boy), I had never thought that she is almost same age as me!!! But then, I am so happy and proud to get to know such an awesome mom! She is so energetic and active (perhaps trained by 3 kids?!? :-P), and surprisingly, I got to know that she loves photography too!!! And that made us ‘click’ right away. We are now FRIENDS and we share our photography work from time to time.  (and this is what I always love to get from my photography session — FRIENDsss, rather than just CLIENTsss, and of coz I would try my very best to get all the good photos for moms who trust me so much and give me such great opportunity to capture their sweet memories in life).

For the photo session with Anleen and her 3 kids, we (definitely need another professional photographer to assist on this great project, and guess who was the lucky one? 😛 YES! It was Victor Hew! :-P) first expected it to be very tiring as we would be running after 3 little kids…But surprisingly, it was instead FUN ! 3 kids at diff ages,wow…the house was full of their laughters and giggles…we were honored to have the chance to feel the warmth and happiness at their home.

“Ladies First” …. thus let me first share the photos of this sweet little gal…

What a sweet little princess! She was so cooperative for the entire photo session and could always smile for us whenever we wished…

I think she looks like her Mama … esp this expression… what say you? 😛

Purposely made this with this color tone…

Isn’t she a happy girl? Yes, she definitely is! Love to be around her…

Trying diff color tones to make some collages for her…

Here come the shots I love very much…. A series of her laughter, they just made my day!

How ‘sweet’ it is to have such a ‘sweetie’ in life…

“Smile smile, girl….” “Is this the way, Mama?”
^___^ “Yes, girl, you can do it your way!”

See, I did not bluff! SHE IS A HAPPY GIRL !!! Love her laughter…so much!

Similar to all little girls, she loves to dress up…

OKieee….after the sweet little girl, let me show you this cute little precious!

Look at his eyessss…..they are so ‘sharp’ and ‘clear’ until I can see myself (taking his photo) ! 🙂

And yes, he is enjoying his moment with his own fingers … 🙂 guess they are tasty…

Haha…I love this shot…. it looks like he is ‘punching’ his own face…or may be he is trying to give me a KAWAII (cute in Japanese) pose ? 😛 Anyway, he is really KAWAII !!!!

Look at this little precious… He can really pose !!! A born-to-be STAR !!!

He definitely enjoyed his day with the ‘little lamb’….

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the eldest brother.

Another Super Star in the family! Look at all his EXPRESSIONS!!! (I think we have got the most photos for this SUPER STAR….:-)
coz he REALLY loves to be photographed!~And he was really COOL and STYLISH!

Haha…. 3 kids at diff age, with diff expressions, diff pose….
And the title of this pic could be : “Power of the Little One’. 😛 See how the youngest cutie handle his brother and sister? hahaha….a cool pic, isnt it? haha…

2+3=5. (And perhaps it can also be 5+1=6? :-P)
Another awesome family. Loving+caring towards each other. They are blessed in this life to have each other.

I always believe that “A photo could tell a thousand words”….
And thus, I will leave this for your own story telling….:-) Of coz I have mine myself….

Thank you, Anleen & family, for giving us the greatest opportunity to capture some of your sweet memories in life. I believe (I hope) that you would treasure them in future.
It is really my pleasure to have known you in life! O-Peekaboo has another NEW friend too!

Do keep in touch and let me know when it is going to be 5+1, ok? 🙂

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