Cutie at Beach. Loves Sand so much. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Can’t wait to share what we did last weekend.
It was not the weather that we wished. The weather was nice to sleep in or watch TV at home, but for us, we want SUN!
Little JY was having very good mood in car , even when it started to rain a bit.
We all sang ‘Rain Rain Go Away…..’ and I guess God hears us. The rain stopped.
And we reached our destination – sandy BEACH where it should be a good place to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Without turning back, we proceeded on O-Peekaboo photo session! haha….

Little JY. was in very good mood when she knew that she was going to have fun at beach. She gave me the sweetest smile when we let her put on a beach hat.


Little JY’s mom and dad said ‘BEACH’ when we were deciding on where to have the photo shoot session and I guess they knew how much JY loves sand!
And YES! Little JY loves the sand …so much!!! She played with MAINLY just the sand for the whole 2 hours! She picked them up, threw them away…picked them up again….haha…She did really have fun that day! Thanks to Mama and Papa, ya!


“Oh, I am having so much fun! Here I come, my lovely beach!’ 🙂 Little JY. reminded me of how much I used to love sand too! hmmm….actually I still love it! Beach is where I wanna have my vacation most of the time! And I believe JY. will do the same in future. haha…


It was not a SUNNY day for a photo session but it was so nice to just sit back and relax. And I think, JY. had done a good job doing that! ahah…look at how happy she was, with all her little ducklings!


Always have fun with Dad and Mom. No matter where and when, Mom and Dad are the best playmates to Little JY.

From this pic, you would know how much a dad’s love to his little one. I do not need to tell.
Always joy and always care. 🙂


Love this photo. Everything was so natural and happy and fun! Mom’s love….is the best thing in life!


“Mom, can we come to the beach again? say next week? and every next week?” haha…..


I believe, this family has just put the ‘BEACH’ into their vacation list!

But the most important thing, BEING TOGETHER….Little JY. is so lucky to have such loving dad and mom.


Lastly, I would like to thank Little JY’s mom and dad, for giving me such opportunity to capture their happy moments at the lovely beach, despite the lousy weather. 😛
Biggest thank to God! For no rain!!!

opeekaboo - You are welcome, Water Star and Bright Sea.
🙂 Really glad that you all love the photos, as we DO too!!!

Water Star & Bright Sea - O-Peekaboo, both of us like those pictures a lot, can’t use words to express. Thanks x100000

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