Cute and Funny. Enjoys Creeping. Loves Bubbles. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Wow…it has been 2 long weeks that I haven’t shared anything.
My bad. 🙁 Sorry…
Here I am now…. to share with you the little cutie that we had a chance to capture his great moments!~

Thanks to his Mama and Papa who always give him the best in life!
Mama told me that she has been looking for a good photo session for Little KL for quite some long time. And thanks again for giving O-Peekaboo such good opportunity to do so!

It was not easy to get Little KL to sit still as he just enjoys his every creep and crawl.
No matter where. He creeps and crawls. As this is what he does for now to get to ‘places’ he desires. 🙂 or to get to his desired toys. kekeke…

Look at him…. Catching butterflies on bed? 🙂 That is cool and funny! I have never tried that before. Haha….


Haha…. we still managed to get Little KL’s closer shot as he crept.
And look at what have we found out!~ haha….bubblessssss……he knows how to make bubbles! All by himself…. 🙂


Yes, it was Bubble again! Little KL. loves bubble, even for his bath!
Look at how he enjoyed his bubble bath! He just could not stop having fun with bubble!
haha…..happy and excited….

‘Mama, see, I can make more bubbles! I am making more bubblesssss….yeahhh….hurrayyyy…..’


Haha….it was this face when we wanted him to get out from his ‘wonderland’….

‘Mama,, can I have another bubble bath tomorrow? I will be a good boy always…I promised….’


A family photo sometimes worth a thousand words to tell how much we care for our family members.
It also reminds us to always treasure what we have with us.
No matter what happens, our families are always there for us. This will never change.

Little KL, you are always loved and blessed…..


And how much you are loved, you are cared… I guess you could simply tell it from a simple photo….


opeekaboo - You are welcomed. Thanks for giving us such opportunity to capture your sweet moments.

KL's mum - Thanks for your hardwork.We really enjoy the photo session:)

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