Cool and Playful. Loves Fork Lift. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

Just could not leave these out from sharing with all. Loves these photos. So much.

Look how cool is Little KL. in his little ‘car’. 🙂 Wait till you see how it  ‘transforms’, then you will be ‘impressed’! haha…..


Cool……!!! I bet Little KL loves ‘transformers’, as much as I do!!! 🙂


Simply love this photo… it is a totally different taste…..different feel….different style for a cool baby!


Little KL’s favorite toy, isn’t something that other kids might have — a fork lift! 🙂
hahaha….This playful boy enjoys ‘driving’ the fork lift. So much. And Grandpa is the one who ‘bought’ him this HUGE toy and ‘trained’ him so well!


A ‘black and white’ for this makes this playful little boy look totally COOL!


Thank you again to KL’s Papa and Mama, for giving us such good opportunity to capture these great moments for Little KL. I believe Little KL. would love these photos and will want to show to his little ones in future! 🙂
Sweet memories that last forever…


opeekaboo - Thank you for the compliment! The BB is ‘powerful’ indeed! 🙂

Water Star - Feel the “POWER” of the bb. Nice and special shot!!!

poay tin - Wah, u r so creative to bring the bb to a so special place. 🙂 NICE!

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