Big brown eyes. Loves to read. ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

What can I say about this cute little boy!?!
Look at his big brown eyes!


He can ‘pose’ with anything that you give to him. Definitely you will get big round eyes in all his posing too. 🙂

It is not easy at all to have his smile in his photos. Thus, I really appreciate this photo as I can ‘taste’ a bit of his ‘sweet smiling’ at me! 😀

We were supposed to be there to take his newborn brother’s pics, but…he is just too cute (isn’t he?!?) ! We couldn’t help ourselves but to chase him all around to get his good pics. He is very energetic with very good stamina. We must really thank his grandma, who helped us to be his friends so that we could capture the best photos of him ‘reading’ for us! haha, look how amazing he is, still the same big round eyes!

I bet he would be a great ‘property investor’ in future. lol
Lastly, not to forget here to thank his grandma again, that was a perfect pair of spectacles for the big round eyes!
And I definitely had all fun and good exercise too! 😛
Hope to see you again, Baby A.!
Next time, I will make sure I am physically well trained to at least have the same level of stamina as you!

shereen - loves to read..loves to scream also…hehe

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