Beautiful=Cantik. Adorable=Comel. Awesome=Hebatnya! ~by O-Peekaboo, Malaysia Baby Photographer~

When we met with H., I knew, it would be a great photo session. H. is such a cheerful mom and I believe that her family will be the same!
But still, we were worried. It would be a session with 2 little kids. Hu. is 3 years old and A. is just 4 months old.
And this time, we decided to do it outdoor!
But it was raining quite frequently lately, we prayed so hard for a good weather on that morning. And our wish was granted. Thank God!

It was a very nice morning. Everyone was in very good mood. Even the little A., she was doing so good for the whole photo session.
Papa and Mama were so helpful throughout the whole photo shoot. Papa even helped to get props for better photos! ๐Ÿ™‚

In Malay, ‘cantik’ means ‘beautiful’. And this is what we can call this little girl! She is so ‘cantik’ with such big eyes that come with superb double eyelid. ย ๐Ÿ˜›


Mama said that she can be a model for ‘mascara’! haha…and it is so true….her eyes + eye lashes…unbelievable!!! And look at her, she can pose too!!!

Opeekaboo_ABC_6441 copy

“Yes, I have nice teeth too!” ย = ” Ya, gigi saya cantik juga!”


How nice it is to have a little sister or an elder sister? I guess they can tell you how they feel…


Isn’t it great to always have someone to share your happiness in life? someone that you can play with most of the time in life?
Yes, it is GREAT and I could tell you that, coz I have a GREAT sister myself. ย This photo reminds me so much of her. ย Our childhood together…. Our happy time together…. and our silly time together too…. Too bad that mom and dad forgot to take photos of us too much. ๐Ÿ˜›


Sisters FOREVER. They always have their own way to communicate with each other and to understand each other. They will be BEST FRIENDS in life!


A ‘pistol’ that you might see from this photo. But for little Hu., I think it could be just a simple ‘7’ or ‘L’. ย This is the time when everything seems to be ‘simple’, isnt it? ๐Ÿ™‚


Have you ever tried sleeping on green green grass during the ‘fall’ with nice cooling breeze? haha…this little gal can tell you how wonderful it is! Everything seems so peaceful and harmony now….:-)


“Huh, who said I do not know how to pose?!?” “I can pose with many different face expressions and my BIG BIG eyes!” Haha….:-D


Oh…now we must introduce another Malay word – ‘Comel’. It means adorable, cute, lovely….and it makes me feel like hugging her so much!


Love the warmness of this photo… ย and her smile…can sure melt many’s heart…


Always love to get some ‘artistic’ photos….

Opeekaboo_ABC_6722 warm1

Now we have ‘autumn’ in Penang! ๐Ÿ˜› And Little Hu. loves to enjoy herself in the park during the ‘autumn’!

Opeekaboo_ABC_6644 warm_done

Love to see this photo…. It will remind us to not forget to enjoy life no matter how busy we are….


Again, we would like to thank H. for giving us such opportunity to capture her sweeties’ photos…
It was really an ‘EE’ photo session! (EE = Exceed Expectation) ๐Ÿ™‚
And the outcome is ‘awesome’….which in Malay we call it ‘hebatnya’!!!

TERIMA KASIH, H.! Do keep in touch and let me know when you have new babies! ๐Ÿ˜›

opeekaboo - You are welcome.
Thank you for hiring us to capture such nice moments of you and your family!
Do keep in touch ya!~

Has - Thanks o-peekaboo for capturing superb photos for the 2 lil darlings….and enjoying the process as well.

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