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Malaysia Baby Photographer: Confession 2016

Today, I am so gonna confess here, after spending my whole afternoon looking back at my own work-my website, my fb fanpage, and my blog. I can’t believe that I had just updated 2 posts in 2.5 years here! And the last post was actually me giving all my ‘good excuses’ for not being able…

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Malaysia Baby Photographer: My 2014

Time flies… I always say that… But for 2014, I can’t say that. 2014, passed by very slowly for me. Many things happened in 2014 – many good things, eg. good clients that I met in 2014 and at the same time, many challenges (more than what I usually have for a year) too for…

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Li Sim

Woohoo~ O-peekaboo finally got her first baby client coming over to the studio! Thanks and thumbs-up to the dedicated mom, Li Sim, who decided to bring her newborn baby gal here for the shoot.:) This shoot was REALLY special to me coz I’ve never had babies coming over for any photo sessions before! Normally, I…

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