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Malaysia Baby Photographer: Confession 2016

Today, I am so gonna confess here, after spending my whole afternoon looking back at my own work-my website, my fb fanpage, and my blog.

I can’t believe that I had just updated 2 posts in 2.5 years here! And the last post was actually me giving all my ‘good excuses’ for not being able to update/write more to share what I have been doing from time to time.

I searched deep into my soul today. Why? Why din’t I write or share more? Am I really that busy? Come on… everyone is busy, there are soooo many famous photographers that I believe they have to shoot almost everyday and yet, they can do so well in this. Why can’t I? Because I have 2 children? Or because of my kids get sick too often? Or I am always busy editing photos when I am in front of PC? But… writing a post could just take half an hour or so, right?

How could I not sharing anything for such long time?!?! Now I understand why were some moms asking for more ‘sample photos’. I used to tell them to visit to my website/facebook fanpage and my blog to view my portfolio but only now I realized, there aren’t too many for them to view there! In fact, I checked on my hard drive and found that I have over 100 sets of photos yet to be shared or updated.

Well, today, I have to face myself. I have to be true to myself. I have to answer my own question (and perhaps many moms’ question too. :P).

My confession today: I am not sharing / updating much BECAUSE I can’t write!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t write well!!! Gosh, I regretted so much that I did not study hard enough to possess GOOD ENGLISH. I can’t express well in English. Can’t write what I wanna tell from me inside, can’t put them into sentences. Gosh, poor vocab too!

There were times that I thought, ‘a photo could tell a thousand words’, and I am a photographer hence what I need to do is to share what I have captured-my photos! But I, too, believe in this:

So, I really wish to be able to ‘write’ something to express what I feel inside…

Anyway, after much blaming of my own bad English, I, still, have to face myself and be true to myself. After all, I can’t just get my English improved in few days or few weeks time. Perhaps I could borrow Aladdin’s lamp and rub on it? I could tell the Genie for ONE good wish — my better English! But wait… would I wanna make that wish? Or another ‘better’ wish eg. to get rich right away? LOL!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe that I can still joke about my wish for better English.

So, at the end of the day, I decided to ———–> use my current ‘broken English’ to keep writing, updating and sharing what I have with me from time to time with a ‘better’ frequency. Haha! And at the same time, I should do more of below:

1. Watch more English movies, TV dramas eg. The Arrow (that I am watching now) with English subtitle on, of coz, so that I can really learn as I have another weakness which is to get what others say when they are speaking English. LOL! Gosh, I have so many weaknesses!

2. Read more books, of coz! (Or may be some romantic novels first, to prevent myself falling asleep at the first few pages?)

3. Listen to English songs and learn to sing them (Yay! Guess I am doing this now, starting with my little gal’s baby rhymes haha…)

4. Encourage my elder gal to speak English with me than to just want her to speak Mandarin with me (which is what I am doing now, as she is studying in an English primary school and I am hoping that she could pick up Chinese for her future use. I don’t want her to ‘blame’ me in future if she cannot read Chinese words or sing Chinese Karaoke songs…haha)

5. Eat more Western food? (wahahahahaha…. well, no harm trying right?)

6. Find something to ‘argue’ or ‘debate’ with my hubby (LOL!!!!!!!! Can’t let go of any good way to improve my English that I can easily do at home…. My hubby can speak much much better English than me and whenever he argues with me, he loves to converse in English, somehow, and I don’t know why, but may be I know why now (when I am typing this!!!!!!!!!! So that I would not win the argument ‘that easily’!!! Haha… but then, for most of our arguments so far, I won always.)

7. Will keep looking for more ways until I meet Aladdin….:P

Actually, I have thought of updating my post using Chinese language (seeing that I got an A1 for my Chinese subject during my SPM exam)… but then, another weakness of me – I can’t type Chinese fast using keyboard as my PinYin is not good, and that could be ‘torturing’ too…!

Hahahahhaha……… but just like what my sister always advises me, ‘BE POSITIVE!!!!’ So ‘may be’ one day, I will be doing both English and Chinese ?!?!?!?!  No harm HOPING too right? Wahahahhaha……………..

Last but not least, for those that really spend time reading my posts (I swear that there are gonna be so many posts upcoming!), thank you for your time and love towards me and most importantly, please pardon my ‘broken English’ first until I reach my ‘English’ peak yea… Muacks!!!

Malaysia Baby Photographer: My 2014

Time flies… I always say that…

But for 2014, I can’t say that.

2014, passed by very slowly for me. Many things happened in 2014 – many good things, eg. good clients that I met in 2014 and at the same time, many challenges (more than what I usually have for a year) too for me and my family.

It started with a miscarriage in the beginning of year. Victor and I got married in Sep 2013 and were so happy to know that just right after few months of ‘hardwork’/’attempts’, I got pregnant! But I guess God thought that we ain’t too ready and hence, I got miscarriage during the 6th week. Vic and I did not get too upset about it, may be because it happened too quickly that we had yet to ‘feel’ much about the baby. I spent my CNY on ‘confinement’ to make sure I take good care of myself and build my body better for next pregnancy.

People always say that women after miscarriage are much fertile (if they take good care of themselves) and I think that statement is quite true. I got pregnant again after few months time. Victor and I went for doctor to confirm about my pregnancy and we got the scan with a beautiful ‘bean’!

I remember that date, 23th June 2014. We got a GREAT news in our life! We were so happy and excited. We wanted to share this joy and happiness with all our family members, but before we had much chance to do that, I got a call from my sister asking me to bring Jamie to see a doctor as she found that her feet were all swollen. She suspected that something has gone wrong inside Jamie. And well, she was right. 🙁 We brought her to a doctor the next day and was admitted right away. The day we got the GREAT news about our new family member, we got another BAD news that Jamie was diagnosed with kidney disorder disease – ‘Nephrotic Syndrome’. And it is gonna be a long term disease for her. T.T

Well, I always think that God does not challenge one that He thinks is not capable of dealing with all the challenges He gives, but gosh, can’t I be spared of some time to enjoy the happiness/excitement of a new life inside me before such ‘heart-breaking’ news about Jamie? Why must these 2 happened on the same time?

Looking at my little girl who was just 8 years old…I can’t imagine how was the life gonna be for her, but one thing that I knew – I need to be STRONG to be able to help her. I need to be at least STRONGER than her to give her support and love in life. I held my tears in me as much as I could, esp when she was with me. I tried to stay very positive for her but God knew how much tear that I have shed inside me.

I don’t remember how long that I stayed in the hospital with her but I do remember how much guilt that I had in me that I had to spend so many days in the hospital with the little new life inside me, was kinda worried about me myself getting all germs around me in the hospital and kept worrying how the little one doing inside me. But I have no choice, only moms/female can accompany kids in the hospital (hospital policy).

Anyway, Jamie was still doing good at that moment, she was always with high spirit and being quite positive about things in life, perhaps she was sent to a good school that she loves so much that she was always a happy girl. Besides, she was not very sure about NS nor the real effect of it. She just knew that she was gonna miss lots of good food in life that her diet was totally changed since she was admitted – no more salt in food! But she was still doing fine with that as she was trained quite well since young to not be picky on food or I should say to have very low ‘demand’ about food as she is also allergic towards dairy products. She was also doing ok with medicine since young (meaning that she can drink the med herself without any forcing) and this time, she has to swallow the tablet medicine which she has never tried before but again, she was a brave and easy girl. Everyday, she had to swallow 10 tablets of prednisolone!!!! And you are right, it was the STEROID- the medicine that will cause A to N side effects if you were to google about it!!!

After many days of steroid in hospital, she got discharged as there was nothing much that doctor could do. She just needed to continue on her steroid everyday and also to check her ‘pee’everyday if there was protein/blood found in the pee. So far, we were still finding lots of protein leakage in her pee (+++3) and thus, she had to eat lots of high protein food too.

Still a happy girl right after the discharge… eating good healthy but totally ‘tasteless’ food prepared by grandma/mom everyday. But to her, food is not everything for her in life but school is. =) Unfortunately, the school holiday just got started when she was discharged from hospital. She missed her school and friends and teachers very badly… And from there, she started to be less cheerful, and also at the same time she started to suffer the superb side effect of the steroid-‘Moon Face’ effect and also big round tummy plus extensive hair growth on face.

As a mom, I seriously did not know how to help her or comfort her. She started to have ‘mild depression’. She started to ask me questions like ‘Mom, why am I having ‘mustache’ now?’ ‘Why God pick me to have this illness?’ and etc etc. When others mentioned/asked me about her face, she would quickly run away or try to ignore that person. She used to be friendly to everyone when she meets people but now she would hide herself behind me when we met someone. Sigh… she was ‘changing’ slowly into a passive person. She started to pray at night, before her sleep. She told me that if she prays more, she will recover sooner and she will be able to eat good food and also look ‘normal’ like before. Gosh, I always got very sad and heart-broken to see a small girl like her to have to go through all things like these.

The only thing she enjoyed doing that period was to READ. She would bury herself in books no matter when and where. There were many sweet kind ‘aunties’ (all my great friends in life) that brought her many books to read for her free time so that she won’t be thinking too much about her illness or worrying too much about her ‘look’.

At the same time, the little one in me was growing too. I too suffer some hormone changes in myself. I got emo very easily. Teared easily too, esp when I have to face Jamie. My work got affected as well because my tummy was too big for me to run about to shoot anymore. My editing work got slowed down too, for I could no longer sit too long or I would suffer very bad backache. Anyhow I was still lucky to have met very good and understanding clients that totally understand my situation and were really patient with me. And of coz, those clients have become my friends now! 😀

After few months of school holidays, finally she got to go to school. She could not be any happier. She loves school, more than anything on earth. But I was kinda worried. I did not know how her school friends are going to react towards her physical changes. And thus, the night before, when I tucked her in, I sort of gave hint to her that her school friends might ask her about her sickness or her face and I had also kind of taught her how to ‘ignore’ them. But guess I was wrong, totally wrong. I made the BEST decision to send her to this awesome school where all the kids are so loving to each other. She is a happy girl, again!

So basically, for my 2014, I was kind of busy taking care of Jamie and myself with the little one inside me. I had to cook most of the days for Jamie’s every meal as she was under strict diet with no salt. I had to ‘act’ strong and positive everyday to make sure my little girl stay happy and positive too. At the same time, I had to make sure that I did not cause too much burden and trouble to my hubby as he needs to work hard to support our family seeing that soon I would have to stop shooting for quite sometime.

Well, I would say that my 2014 was really not easy for me but one thing that I am sure, I am blessed with all great people around me, my hubby, my family, my friends, and even my clients are all so supportive and loving. And I knew that 2014 would soon be over and I would have a great 2015 ahead! 😀

*Sorry for all low quality of photos as all were just taken using iPhone. 😛



Guibooksfamindra - I am very sorry to hear about this. And you are a very strong and tough lady….salute!!!

Malaysia Baby Photographer: My New Employee.

On this ‘special’ day-11.12.13, I hired one new ’employee’ for our studio. She is a sweet 7 years old girl,  who loves to read and write since very young age. She is currently still studying in the morning time, so she will just come to work after her school. Her reason to find a job is to help out her family to get a better car, which is also a dream car to her-Toyota Estima. I can’t say ‘NO’ to a girl like her, right? 🙂 So, she was hired right away. Her position would be my ‘FB Fanpage Manager’ (which I found myself TOTALLY have no time to share/post anything to keep my fanpage active) and also my ‘Office Girl’ who will do all trivial stuff for me. Her salary will be 50 cents per FB post, plus all meals and shelter provided. Of coz, she will get her bonus at year end (perhaps Christmas) if her performance is good throughout a year. HAHA!

11.12.13 Her first day at work. She came in to studio right after her school. She took a bath in the studio while I set up her workstation for her. And that was the ‘quickest’ bath she has ever had. 😀 Guess she must be very excited to get on her new job!

On job training was given to guide her along her learning curve. She has been learning to use a computer in school although she has no computer at home. So I thought I could have saved some time to teach her about computer, until I asked her to plug in the USB pendrive. Haha, she could not find the ‘USB port’! And kept looking around her laptop to find that ‘hole’. Finally, she got it!

Taught her to open the folder to look for the photo I saved for her. Look how serious she was, on her first job assignment. ^^

Yeah, and she got the photo. Asked her to look at the pic and start to think of what she could write about it.

Started her writing right away, on a piece of paper first of coz! Haha…. kids should ‘write’ first, right?

Paused, perhaps to think of what more to write or say about the photo yeah….:)

Getting serious in her writing…..

Oh Oh… getting tired too? (I remember how I used to love writing in this way too, hehe..)

In deep thought perhaps?

Keep writing…. keep going….

Ooopsss, the pen stopped working for her! No more ink!

Switched pen, from blue to red. But who cares about what color, right? As long as the pen could work for her to continue her job… =D

Love seeing how she enjoys herself in writing and also in doing her new job…

Not very nice writing but as long as she can read/understand herself, it should be fine, and I should not complain about this…. Doctor has ‘worse’ handwriting too, right? 😛

And WOO HOO…. writing was done! 3 sentences! Haha, perhaps a good start already?

Yeah… she thought that it was good enough for her write-up and it is time to key in to the Fanpage.

Final write-up and she wanted to thank ‘Minion’ for .. hmm … helping? keeping her on time? or keeping her motivated? or she wanted to thank her LOVELY mom who bought her that watch on her first day at work?

OK, time to put all things in the right way. Taught her to select the photo into the FB post, and asked her to start typing of what she had written. Guess it was gonna take forever…

Feeling happy to work like her mom I guess…

Haha… ‘ONE finger show’….She said that it was easier to type with just ONE finger… so I have been doing wrong all time? 😛

Oopssss… just before I got her ‘SOCSO’, she hurt her that ONE finger! Oh oh, what a ‘clumsy’ employee! Luckily she did not break it, I said to her.

Trying to use more fingers after my advice.

The way she worked….

Oh my…. time to ‘break’ something else after the finger? Did I say that she is a sweet girl? hmmm… may be I should take that back yeah? haha…

Haha…. I am so happy that someone can help out on my FB fanpage from now onward…

Ok, final check… to make sure everything is good! (SERIOUS look)

And she said, ‘Yes, all done!’

Told her that I would go get her her pay – 50 cents, since she had completed one FB post. She then stopped me to say that she just needed 40 cents. I asked why. She said that she made a mistake by hurting her own finger and could not work for a while. I was dumbfounded for a few seconds and LOL-ed inside myself. Gosh… first time that I encountered with someone that wanted to get lesser pay! Hmmm… should I teach her to be ‘smarter’ to not ask for ‘reduced pay’? Or should I let it be so that she could be more careful in future not hurting herself? Haha… I gave in after she insisted to get only 40 cents. DEAL! But I told her that she needs to make sure she does not do mistake too much in future so she can save more money for her dream car. Hahahaha…..

So there she was- with her 40 cents! Happy contented employee, with one ‘almost-broken’ finger and ‘tiring’ eyes? @.@ wahhahahaha…..

So, in future, you will see many of her write-ups in my FB fanpage –

You can easily identify the posts written by her with an ending of ‘~J-Mi’.

I will leave it all up to her from now onward. I will let her write whatever she thinks/feels about the photos. She will write more sentences whenever she can/feels right about the photos, she promised me last night when I put her to bed. (haha!!! I really take good care of my new employee, right?)

Well, to those that have been following me always, even that I seldom write but just shoot shoot shoot and deliver photos to clients, you might know that, the above mentioned NEW EMPLOYEE, the sweet 7 yo girl, is actually my DAUGHTER- J-Mi. Haha…. Time flies yeah… I, at times, still could not believe that I have a daughter! I could not believe that this little human being standing in front of me was the one that I carried for 9 months in me, the one that I b/fed for another year, the one that I hugged to sleep, the one that watched her walked her first step, the one that I brought her to extract her first tooth, the one that hurt herself and cried running to me, the one that I sent her to school for the first time and she waved to ask me go work and not to worry about her with all tears in her eyes… The little baby has grown up to be a little lady now.

Since the day I quit my engineering job and went full in photography, I get busier and busier. We (her dad and mom) were traveling quite often for wedding assignments last year that I seldom have time for her. Thank God that her grandma and grandpa are always there to take good care of her when we are away. This year, we traveled lesser but in April, we decided to set up a photography studio and so, we got even busier than before. But one good thing is that our studio is very near to her school, and so, I could pick her up after school and she would hang around with us in the studio till we go home together. But another problem arises, she gets nothing to do in our studio as she seldom has homework from school (the best school in town right?). Everyday, she will come to me, ‘Mama, I have nothing to do.’ And what I can answer her is ‘Go find something to do yourself, dear.’ And of coz, you can imagine how disappointed of her having this answer from me. But what to do? I am always busy… I have ‘never-ending’ task to do, thousands of photos to edit, many many blog post to write…. 🙁 No time for my girl at all…. makes me feel guilty always…

When I picked her up from school yesterday and watched her eating her lunch, I recalled how I used to imagine my life with my little girl when I was pregnant with her. I wanted to play Barbie dolls with her, I wanted to play ‘Mamasak’ with her too. I thought of going shopping, facial, SPA with her, play tennis, golf, badminton together, and I even thought of going to the same college with her where she will pursue her degree, and I will go for my PHD (day dream a bit). But, why haven’t I thought of ‘WORKING’ together with her? It could be just as fun as playing together, right? She loves to write and read as I always know, and she loves to help me with chores too. Haha…. and she has ‘better’ English than me (that’s the reason she is sent to good English school…:P). So let’s see how things go. Hope that she would not quit too soon…haha… Anyway, I just wish to have something more to do with her, and hope that she will enjoy and remember how we used to work together. Hope that this could be part of her sweet memories in life too…

Li Sim

Woohoo~ O-peekaboo finally got her first baby client coming over to the studio! Thanks and thumbs-up to the dedicated mom, Li Sim, who decided to bring her newborn baby gal here for the shoot.:)

This shoot was REALLY special to me coz I’ve never had babies coming over for any photo sessions before! Normally, I used to go to the babies’ ‘cribs’ and shoot for them.:)

This sweet little princess was only two-weeks old when she came over. She was very cooperative as she just fell asleep for most of the time haha‼ It’s pretty easy to move her into different poses and take AWESOME pictures for her while she’s still dozing off‼

Anyway, I really enjoyed the shoot with this sweetie gal and I hope she did too! ♥




Little sweetie showing her pretty face from the ‘cocoon’.


Sweet dreams ♥








‘Catch’ of the day ♥












Smiling in her dream 🙂


Full of wonders!!!


Sweetie pie’s little feet ♥


Photographs will always remember how ‘tiny’ we’ve been, even if now, we can’t recall those far memories anymore ♥

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